Liquor inventory

The first step to securing the profits that can be generated by your liquor purchases is by assuring all deliveries are received and place on the shelves of your inventory. Scannabar allows you to identify each liquor bottle in your business uniquely by simply applying a bar code label when your product comes in. By simply scanning the existing UPC code on the bottle and then the Scannabar label, a “cradle to grave” marriage has been created between the Scannabar tracking label. A receiving report can then be generating to create a check and balance between your supplier packing slip and the Scannabar report. Any discrepancy between the two should be addressed immediately.

Tracking liquor using Scannabar is so easy. From the portable scanner, simply selected from an unlimited number of bars you have set up in your system, scan the Scannabar tracking label and from that point forward, the bottle’s content and cost will be reduced form the original storage area and added to its new inventory location. This can be a useful tool especially for seasonal and special event bars.

Finally, counting partials, full and empties at your bar(s) has never been easier. To count full bottle sat your bar(s), simply scan the Scannabar tag and tap full, same for the empties. As for the partial bottles, just set the Scannabar bar coded ruler with it’s ninety nine measuring points next to the bottle and scan at the level of liquor to get a fast, accurate count every time. No need to guess anymore, Scannabar eliminates the guess work and makes inventory at your bar(s) so easy, that at a rate of sixty bottles in only fifteen minutes, you may want to take inventory every day!

With Scannabar, lost and stolen bottles at your bar are a thing of the past. Why? Because if a bottle goes missing when you do take inventory, the Scannabar scanner will alert you of any missing bottle(s) and your report will flag each bottle number and variety that has gone missing.

Scannabar’s liquor module makes taking inventory at your bar(s), fast, easy and accurate. Why leave money on the due to over pouring, spillage and waste when this money saving tool can put those revenues in the right pocket…yours!

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